The Elk Ranch

Private Land and DIY Drop Camp hunts in Colorado for
Elk, Mule Deer, Bear & Kansas Turkey

Tallent Ranch DIY Rifle

Tallent Ranch DIY Private Land Hunt: 

This is a unique elk hunt in Maybell Colorado on 1,040 acres of private land in Unit 3.  This is a migration elk hunt.  The property sets at 6,500 feet of elevation.  The property has 7 comfortable two story shooting houses with bunk beds and propane heat with bathrooms just outside each shooting house.  There are two hunters per shooting house.  You spend the night in the shooting house and just wake up...go upstairs and start hunting.  You must only hunt from the shooting house...there is no walking around or driving around the property to hunt.  We keep movement limited on the ranch to increase the odds on your hunt.  This is a DIY hunt but we have a staff on site for your entire hunt to help retreive and gut your elk and get it back to the skinning rack.  From there you can quarter the elk or you drive it to the processor in town.  


1st Season: $20,000. This is for one group that is together.  Date is Oct 12-16 (5 day hunt).  You can have up to 14 hunters.


2nd Season: $4,000 per hunter.  This is a 4 day hunt.  Date is Oct 26-29 or Oct 31-Nov 3


3rd Season: $3,500 per hunter.  This is a 3 day hunt.  Date is Nov 9-11 or Nov 13-15


4th Season: $5,000 per hunter.  This is a 5 day hunt.  Date is Nov 20-24