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Newfoundland Moose Hunts:  $8,500

This is a 2 on 1 guided moose hunt...we can do a 1 on 1 guided hunt as well.  This is a 6 day hunt.  You will typically see moose everyday on this hunt.  The trip is based at one of our remote fly-in lodges and hunting is conducted on foot from there by spot and stalk.  Hunting begins early morning by glassing from one of several high lookouts close to camp.  When a bull is spotted then a stalk is done.  You may walk the hills throughout the day for different vantage points.  You may have to walk a couple miles a day or you may not have to walk far at all.  Your guide is there to help you and will adapt to your pace.  

Moose are very responsive to calling between mid September and late October.  Bulls are constantly moving at this time and new bulls are constantly coming into the hunting area in search of cows.  


We never guarantee you will kill a 50" bull...however they are here.  Remember too, width is not everything, there ae some spectacular bulls that are narrower in width, but have big, high pans ad look geat but might only  be 36-40 inches wide.  Pan size is important, both length and width.  Come here, enjoy the hunt and shoot a good bull when you see him.  Canada charges a 15% tax  


Included with your hunt:

Ground transportation to base camp and air departure point, helicopter or float plane flights to and from hunting camp,  accommodations for 7 days and night in camp, all meals, guide, meat and trophy care in field.  

For more information about this hunt contact 303-378-9512 or