Private Land Hunts for Elk and Mule Deer


Elk Hunting:

 Hunt #1: Elk Springs Ranch

Rifle Elk Hunts

This is a full service guided hunt with meals and lodging included.  Our success rate is always over 80%.  This is an elk hunt that any hunter can do no matter what kind of shape you are in.  Seeing herds of more than 300 elk has never been a problem on this ranch. Our ranch is surrounded by other big private ranches, so the game is not over pressured. This is a one-of-a-kind ranch for seeing lots of game.  This is a fair chase hunt with no high fences.  Our bulls average between 240" to 300".  We only have a few opening each year....most of our hunters come back year after year.

Lodging:  We have excellent lodging on the ranch.  Our main lodge is 4,000 square feet with satellite TV and WIFI internet.  This is where the hunters can hang out and talk hunting or just relax next to the fireplace.  We also have two cabins on the ranch where the hunters sleep.  

Archery Elk Hunts:

Drop Camp Archery Elk Hunts: This is a Semi-guided drop camp hunt on private land. We offer drop camp archery hunts only during the first two weeks of the archery season. The elk are normally bugling during this time, but not in the heat of the rut. We also have ground blinds and tree stands setup over water holes and food plots. This hunt includes private land hunting, lodging in one of our cabins with all the amenities, use of the main lodge during the day and use of the heated barn with walk in cooler. This is a semi-guided hunt and you supply your own food. This is a 5 day hunt.

Full Service Archery Elk Hunts: On this hunt you get private land hunting, lodging, meals, guide and field care of trophies. This hunt is 2 on 1. This is a 5 day hunt.

Muzzleloader Elk Hunts:

During this time of year the elk are normally in the rut. You will hear lots of bugles each day. This is a full service hunt that includes private land hunting, lodging, meals, guide and field care of trophies. This hunt is 2 on 1 hunt.

Hunt #2: Beaver Valley

Rifle Elk Hunts:

This is a private land ranch located just 20 miles from Elk Springs Ranch in Northwest Colorado near Hayden.  On this hunt you will see lots of elk each day.  This is also a hunt that any hunter can do no matter what shape you are in.  We have had 100% opportunity on bulls at this ranch over the last several years.  This property has lots of timber on it that makes for a great elk hunt.  This hunt includes guides, meals and lodging.

Hunt #3: South Park

Rifle Elk Hunt:

This is great hunt for big bulls.  We have consistently harvested 300"-380" bulls on this hunt.  This hunt includes guide, meals and lodging.  We hunt the 1st Rifle Season in October (Late Rut) and the 4th Rifle Season in November.  This hunt takes place in units 500 & 501.  Our Outfitter Permits are on the Pike National Forest and BLM Lands.  You need 1 to 2 preference points for this hunt. Sometimes we have landowner tags available as for details.  Units 500 & 501 are Trophy Draw Units.  This limited draw provides the very best opportunity for taking a huge bull.   

Mule Deer Hunting:

Mule Deer Archery Hunts:

This hunt is in September. You will see tons of mule deer in the archery season. You will hunt over alfalfa fields and do spot and stalk. This includes meals, lodging and guides.  Most of the time the bucks are still in velvet.  This is a great spot and stalk hunt for big bucks.

Mule Deer Rifle Hunts:

Giant mule deer seem to be what every western big game hunter is talking about these days. Our mule deer hunting is some of the best around. Nothing compares to the number or size of the mule deer on this ranch. Our mule deer score between 160” to 200”. This includes private land hunting, lodging, meals, guide and field care of trophies.  

We hunt our mule deer on two different ranches in Colorado.  We hunt Elk Springs Ranch and Jackpot Ranch.  Call for more details about trophy or management mule deer hunts.